About Us


WHERE WE FORESEE YOUR NEEDS: We offer an assortment of machinery that enhances and enriches you in automobile servicing. We always strive to provide products that are ample more sensible and laid-back. Merge Mechano is a venture that was launched in Mumbai in the year of 2006. Initially, we started out as works for maintenance and upkeep of machines then gradually developed into a machine manufacturing unit for the automobile service sector. The manufacturing unit shifted to Kerala in the year of 2011. The involvement and skill of having to repair machines aided to understand the shortcomings of the contemporary machines and the distress caused to its customers.

Today Merge Mechano develops and yields products that overcome consumer problems and streamlines the process of automobile servicing. We not only manufacture products but we help employers install, use, and service the products. Our products are obtainable across the Indian markets. We hope our products and upcoming machinery will provide you with the best services with all your great full support.